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Demonstration/Help Videos

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Video 1: Colour a greyscale cutout (4 minutes)
A beautiful effect

Video 2: Revealing 'bullet' list points (3.5 minutes)
An alternative to PowerPoint bullet animations. Of particular interest to users of the Perspector add-in

Video 3: Opaque glass slide transition (15 seconds)
Opazity can create a more movie-like slide transition in PowerPoint

Video 4: Opazity highlights (5 minutes)
Use Opazity in reverse for an effect you will use over and over again

Video 5: Pictures with irregularly curved edges (1 minute)
Very difficult with PowerPoint: very easy with Opazity

Video 6: Wipe (8 Seconds)
The wipeout effect. Download the PowerPoint 2003 file to adapt this slide to use today

Video 7: Misty window (15 seconds)
Just for fun

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